Why Our Core Values Will Change Your Recruiting Experience

Uplift Recruitment is a start-up, boutique agency that lives by its values: Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency.

We want to be known for putting the human element back into recruitment. We want to be known for our empathy and compassion as much as our reputation for matching the right candidate with the right role. While we enjoy working with a range of organisations, we connect and understand best with small to medium businesses, that get the effort we make to add real value to their business. This is our niche and where we forge strong relationships based on our commitment to “staying human.” We really shine when we are able to genuinely connect with candidates and clients that share our values.

Our Core Values drive every interaction, every conversation, and everything we do at Uplift Recruitment. They will change your recruiting experience because you’ll be treated like a human rather than a number.


Honesty runs through every interaction we have. We are committed to understanding and over-delivering rather than just trying to sign a candidate on or book a client with incorrect information. We provide real, tangible advice that is not about our bottom line, it is what’s best for the candidates and clients and we always set realistic expectations. While we want to provide our candidates with support and encouragement we don’t want to create false impressions of what’s possible.

WE promise to:

  • Set realistic expectations for candidates and clients,
  • Underpromise and overdeliver rather than the other way around,
  • Provide real, tangible advice based on your needs, not ours,
  • Give honest feedback to help the you or your company improve, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear – it is our duty.


Integrity plays a major role in everything we do. Above all, we treat candidates as reasonable humans, not numbers. We exercise compassion, understanding, and connection with every person we meet. Integrity also means giving impartial advice to candidates that doesn’t necessarily benefit us, following up with clients throughout the process, and assisting and supporting unsuccessful candidates.

To us, Integrity means:

  • Giving impartial advice to candidates that doesn’t necessarily benefit us
  • Following up with clients throughout the process
  • Treating candidates as reasonable human beings
  • Exercising compassion, understanding, and connection
  • Advising rejected candidates
  • Being available to our candidates 24/7 as an impartial soundboard
  • Treating candidates as people, not numbers
  • Able to listen to a candidates personal woes and keep 100% private


Our third core value is Transparency. We always explain all information to our clients and present all options to job seekers. We also quality check our own performance with regards to candidate experience.

Expect that we will:

  • Explain all info to clients and candidates – let them make a well informed decision,
  • Present all options to candidates,
  • Only give roles that match candidates goals and experience,
  • Quality check the candidate experience,
  • Explain to candidates the positives, but also any red flags regarding any roles/companies.

By living our values, we have been able to step up during the COVID-19 crisis and help people get back on their feet. Whilst assisting candidates achieve their career goals and find employment, we’ve aimed our social media and content to ensure we consider and support the mental health and wellbeing of our candidates, in addition to providing career support. One significant policy we’ve implemented is to call back any unsuccessful candidate seeking feedback on their CV.

Our values provide a framework for our team to ensure we treat every person like a reasonable human being, rather than a sales number, from application to placement and beyond.

If you’re looking a for new position or a new employee, be sure to send us an email at hello@upliftrecruitment.com.au.

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