What is your “Mental Treat”?

The world as we know it will never be the same. That is what they are telling us.

This instils FEAR in most people because they do not know how this is going to impact them, their loved ones or their very livelihood. Usually, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS start flowing through most of us.

I have written previous blogs specifically on FEAR and what one can do to accept and deal with this both professionally and personally.

So, instead of sounding like a broken record, I would love to hear what MENTAL TREAT you are giving yourself to grow more throughout this time and ensure that FEAR, ANXIETY and STRESS do not consume you.

If this currently makes no sense to you, hopefully we get some great comments/conversation flowing that might give you some ideas to try for yourself.

I would also love to hear the positive impact this MENTAL TREAT is having on your life.

Here’s a few short and impactful points from someone who has undergone unimaginable levels of FEAR & STRESS, and their approach in tackling this: An Astronaut’s Guide to Navigating Stress

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  1. My “mental treat” is a few things: my daily swim or surf, a good workout, and at least 10 minutes of quiet meditation. With two kids, I aim to knock out at least one!

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