Uplift Recruitment. From the Beginning.

We figured the best way to get to know Uplift Recruitment is to start at the beginning.  Enter Simon, Uplift’s Director. Today, Simon shares a little about the company, its start, and where UpLift is headed.  No pun intended but it’s definitely UP!

Tell us a bit about your background… Where are you from? How did you get into recruitment?

My background? Well, let’s just say if you had told me in High School that I was going to work in the recruitment industry, I wouldn’t have believed you!

I was born and raised in Sydney. I studied Media and Journalism at University and worked for a short time in the industry. I just wasn’t feeling content though, I wasn’t actually too sure what I wanted to do. I’m sure we have all been there!

I always had a passion for health and fitness, so ended up taking a sales job in the Fitness industry. I had never done sales before and really didn’t know what to expect. It was a massive challenge and I never felt that I was “selling” as such, I just really enjoyed talking to people about their goals and ambitions. Discussing how getting more exercise and eating better would really make a positive impact on their lives.

After doing this for a while, someone mentioned to me that I would be good at recruitment. I had no idea what recruitment really was at that stage. So I went for some interviews, was offered a role and went for it.

9 years later, here we are.

I love the fact that I get to meet a range of people every day and still feel I am aiding people, just in a different way.

Why Uplift? What’s behind the name?

Good question! I think it comes back to my passion for self-development, being positive and feeling good. If you aren’t feeling uplifted in what you do or in life, you really aren’t living to your maximum potential. We all have moments where we feel down and de-motivated, that’s human nature, but I want my candidates and clients to feel uplifted after they have come to see me and excited for what the future holds. Whether it be a new job, or bringing on a new staff member that will take my clients business to the next level!

Why did you start Uplift Recruitment?

I started Uplift Recruitment as I wanted to create an agency that genuinely has their candidates’ and clients’ best interests at heart. I have seen and heard a lot of things in the industry that I don’t agree with and I felt by starting Uplift, it was my chance to do my best to change the perception of the industry and create a fun, vibrant and positive place to work.

What sets Uplift apart from other recruiters?

We listen. I mean actively listen. Then we deliver on what we promise. Being honest and transparent in all our interactions is a major part of that. Sometimes people are afraid of telling someone what they think they don’t want to hear. When it comes to recruitment, if you don’t build a strong relationship from the start, where you know you can be completely honest with your candidates and clients, this will eventually cause issues along the way.

What types of business or industries do you work for?

We have the pleasure of working with a range of wonderful companies, across several industries. Our focus is on white-collar recruitment, with a speciality around Sales, Service, Admin and Finance. Some of our clients are large ASX listed companies, other clients include start-up software companies.

Tell me about an ideal candidate for Uplift…  What skills are always in demand?

An ideal candidate for Uplift would be someone that is genuine, honest and real. No false pretences. It is much easier working with a candidate that doesn’t have all the skills and experience, but what they tell you is the truth. Rather than someone with lots of skills and experience, but they are just telling you what they think you want to hear.

In terms of skills. Our clients are definitely looking for people that have solid computer and technology skills. They are also loving people that can prove they have worked in a rapidly changing environment. Change in business is not taking as long as it used to. Decisions are made much quicker and a candidate that can keep up, will thrive!

Interpersonal skills are huge as well. If you don’t have the right background for a given role, but you are strong communicator and give off a great vibe, you will get hired.

Speaking of candidates, what’s the best advice you can give someone who is actively looking for a job?

My advice would be: Take the time to read through job advertisements/descriptions and apply for the roles that most closely match your background or suit your skill set. Don’t just apply for lots of different jobs, thinking, “It’s a numbers game, the more I apply for the better chance I have!” This will have a negative impact. Trust me!

Be honest, be yourself and smile!

What’s the worst interview question you’ve ever heard?

One that always comes to mind is, “Why are man-holes round?” I remember hearing this somewhere a while ago. It was during a period where some companies and interviewers were trying to be creative and ask off-topic, out of the blue questions, to see what the candidate could come back with. I guess if it was something funny or witty, the candidate would be looked favourably upon?

If you could put anything on a giant billboard for all the world to see, what would it say?

A really bad Dad joke for sure. Something that would make some laugh, some cringe and some cry!


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