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Review Your Goals, Revisit Your 2021 Annual Review

It’s the end-of-financial year and it’s time to review your goals. At Uplift, we talk about goals all the time because most of our candidates have a better, higher paying, more fulfilling job at the top of their list of career goals. Further, it’s must easier for us to help candidates who know where they want to go and why.

Thus, at the beginning of 2021, we taught you how to do your own annual review before you set SMART goals for the year.

As we mentioned previously on our blog, it is important to check in frequently, review your goals, and measure your progress. EOFY is a great time to review, adjust, and get back to work.

So grab your notebook or spreadsheet and as you review your goals, ask yourself:

✔️ Have you hit your quarterly and/or monthly milestones?

✔️ Have your circumstances changed all together such that one or more of your goals is irrelevant?

✔️ Is there anything you’d like to change or adjust in light of what you’ve learned so far this year?

Everyone needs to take some time and reflect before you revise and double down on your plan to conquer your 2021 goals. You might be pleasantly surprised that you’ve made so much progress or made fully aware of the work you have to come. Since we tend to underestimate what we can do in a year or even 6 months, it might motivate you to work harder and move faster toward your goals now that you’ve only got 6 months left in 2021.

Here are three steps to help you check-in with your goals and get yourself moving:

Review Your Goals and Results So Far

Take a look at the goals you wrote down at the start of 2021. Have you already achieved any of them? Have you hit the monthly and quarterly milestones you set forth?

You may find that some of your original plans don’t make sense anymore. Sometimes circumstances change and the goal is no longer relevant. For example, if you had any international travel plans in 2021 and you live in Australia, you going to need to adjust your expectations. If you were saving for a big trip, think about something else you’d like to achieve with the funds, like a certain level of investment. Similarly, if you wanted to run a marathon by the end of the year but had a serious injury in April, you might want to change the target.

If you’ve easily hit your goals, you know you didn’t set them high enough. Time to recalibrate, which is the next step.

Chart Your New Path

Whether you lagging behind or smashing your goals, you need to be able to adjust your plan and reset your sites on new horizons. Don’t be let down by a lack of progress, let the shortened 6 month timeline invigorate you to move faster to your goal. Where you are struggling spend a little time thinking about milestones and new habits you can put in place to get you there by December 31, 2021. Look at each goal, and ask yourself:

  • What milestones would make you feel like you’re making progress but are attainable?
  • What habits do you need to cultivate?
  • What connections do you need to make to get you there?
  • Is there anything you need to give up?

These questions should get you thinking about creating a process to attain your goals. It’s important to get down to the nitty gritty work you’ll need to do so you don’t continue to set and forget your plans.

Schedule Check-In Sessions

Set a calendar reminder to spend an hour reviewing your progress at least once a month. Better yet, check in weekly or daily so you can continue to iterate and improve this process.

The more you put into the Annual Review process, the more you will get out of it. As our every day reality is more up in the air than ever before, it’s important you stay focused and agile in your plans. Constantly updating and reviewing your goals and strategic game plan will allow you to ride the waves of change and sail through the most important of your 2021 goals with ease.

If you would like to read more about doing a personal annual review of your goals check out these great resources:

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