How to Reduce Distractions.

SCARY FACT:  The average person checks their phone close to 150 times per day!

Let’s face it, we all get distracted, we are only human! But what if I could tell you about a few simple things you could do to reduce the amount of distractions you face in a day? A way to actually finish the tasks you have set for yourself by deadline?

Try implementing some of the below this week and let me know if you see an improvement in your output!


Turn off the notifications from some of your Social Media Apps – Insta, FB, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. You can always go in to the Apps in downtime and “catch-up” on what you have missed.

Try putting your phone out of reach. So if you are sitting at your desk working and you get a “DING” from Instagram, you actually have move, stand-up and walk over to your phone to check it. Guaranteed, you won’t want to keep getting up!

Move some of the distracting apps to the very back of your phone. That way, if you really want to look at them, you have to scroll to the very back, open and then view. This is bound to deter you from checking your phone so many times.


Start the day with a clean desk or office – People with a clean desk are 50% more productive right from the start!

Take a break and move around, grab some water – every 30 minutes.

Take a few minutes for meditation.

Exercise at least three to four times a week.


Stop “multitasking”, as you aren’t being more efficient, just dividing your attention across several things. Our brains were designed to focus on “ONE” task and nail it, then move on!

Try working through the most important things first, when you feel the most inspired and focused. That way, you will break the big stuff down when you have the most energy and save the small stuff for later.

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