How to Make a Great First Impression at a New Job

Great first impressions in a new job are everything if you want to build trust with your co-workers, kickstart your success, and show you are an invaluable asset to the business.  But what are the easiest, most effective ways to give a great first impression at work?  Here are 5 tips to set you off on the right foot: 

Dress for Success

Like it or not, your appearance plays a big role in your first impression.  Make sure you are well groomed.  Brush your teeth.  Error on the side of being over-dressed rather than under-dressed. Your first day is not the time to show off your unique style, love for leisurewear, or try new, not so comfortable shoes.  Keep what you wear simple, professional, and suitable for the demands of your new role.

Show Up Early, Stay Late

This should be obvious but don’t show up late to your new job.  Leave yourself plenty of time to reach your new workplace accounting for things like traffic or public transport delays.  Don’t leave until everyone else does.  Learn to read the crowd.  If 5 PM rolls around and no one stops working, don’t just get up and go, wait until others depart. Observation of office culture and norms is a big part of making a great first impression.  

Ask Your Coworkers to Lunch

Make an effort to socialize and connect with your coworkers.  Does your new company do Friday    drinks? Go. Also, don’t wait for your team members to ask you to lunch, ask someone different each day of your first week.   While you are at lunch, listen attentively and ask about your co-worker’s favourite hobbies, sports, interests, and their family.  This will build rapport and create social networks that show you are a team player and that you care.  

Show Initiative 

Actively seek out duties during your first few days.  All too often new hires feel overlooked because no one is exactly sure what they should be doing, so stand up and ask what you can do to help rather than hiding in your cubicle.  This shows self-confidence. Speaking of asking, don’t be afraid to ask questions about your role and duties.  

Say Thank You 

When someone provides an answer to your questions or shows you the way when you are off track, be sure to say thank you.  Be sure to give credit to those who help you as you gain footing in your new role and start to have small wins.  

If you have come this far, you deserve to be where you are.  Be confident and be yourself and you will do great.  We hope these tips help you make a great first impression on your first day.

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