Hiring in November 2021? Here’s What You Should Know

As we close out 2021, it’s time to once again look at employment market trends. These are the trends we see in our day-to-day operations at Uplift Recruitment.

Candidates Are Still Calling the Shots

Job supply outweighs demand and that means candidates call the shots.  We have personally observed a significant amount of candidates accepting jobs, then pulling out taking a better offer that comes through at the last minute. 

Flexibility More Important Than Ever

 With so many open roles and so few qualified candidates, job seekers naturally shop around for the best offer and chose the employer that suits them best.   Conditions like who pays the most, who has the best culture, perks are important.  But most important of all at the end of 2021 is flexible work schedules.  

Australia’s Great Resistance 

While many sectors in the United States experienced the forecasted “Great Resignation,” the number of Aussies leaving roles is actually less than ever before.  The intolerance of historically substandard working conditions and elective early retirement due to Covid-19 and health issues that drives the U.S. “Great Resignation,” isn’t applicable in Australia.  Many Australian employees are happy where they are and being looked after better than ever before. However, Australians are putting up a “great resistance” to going back to the office full time, non-flexible jobs, and roles that aren’t attractive.

Moving Forward: 2022 

A word of warning for the companies unwilling to move with the times, you will find it harder and harder to source and retain good quality staff. Level up by being flexible, ready to pivot, pay well, and treat people right.   We know that in the aftermath of Covid-19, everyone is continuing to re-evaluate their lives and what they want them to look like in the new world.  One thing is for sure, now we are coming out of lockdowns, the market is on the move!

That’s all for now, but please let us know if you are hitting any of the roadblocks described above or if something else is standing in the way of staffing your business.

Simon Spalding

Director of Uplift Recruitment

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